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General Information

Lincoln Law review was founded in 1965 by Lorraine O. Legg to publish legally relevant articles and to offer Lincoln students with the opportunity to participate in the process of publishing a law review.

With Dean of Lincoln Law School, Joseph H. Moless, Jr. as the driving force, Lincoln Law Review has two primary purposes: (1) to publish an authoritative legal journal, and (2) to provide our members with practical experience in legal writing and analysis through co-authorship with prominent faculty, attorneys, and judges.  The Law Review is published entirely by students of Lincoln and affords qualified students an invaluable opportunity for training in precise analysis of legal problems and clear presentation of legal issues.  Our mission is to provide legal commentary, analysis, and rational criticism with a special emphasis on laws enacted or pending in the state of California

Membership on the Law Review is by invitation of the Editorial Board and is based upon a recommendation by the Dean and Faculty, combined with grade point average. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. Generally, selected students are invited to Law Review after completing their first year of law school, but additional invitations are sent after completion of either the second or third year of law school.